The way you do things is not always the only way to do them

resulted in us having more and more information to process, more and more knowledge and an increasingly flexible approach to time and place. The property market can respond to changing conditions by constructing smart buildings that can be altered in response to market changes or make room for new initiatives that come along, way before the building’s economic lifespan is reached.

At the moment there are some striking developments taking place in the private homes market. The most conspicuous of these is the explosive growth of small households. In the next twelve years, there will be an additional 500,000 to 750,000 one- and two-person households in the Netherlands.

“The same materials and the same quality, but completed sooner, 
much cheaper and transportable.”

Property investors and housing associations are working on adapting their strategic housing stock in the light of this because the available range of small, affordable rented houses is much too small. The figures speak for themselves: in 2030, four out of ten households will consist of single persons. In order to satisfy housing needs, a new way of building is needed. Flexible, fast, affordable and sustainable.

The Snel Home is our innovative housing concept that is the answer to the rising demand for affordable single-family houses. Our Snel Home keeps a step ahead of all existing alternatives throughout all three phases of the lifespan.

Development phase
Within 15-20 weeks, we can supply virtually any desired number of houses in a turnkey condition. It can even be done more quickly, but experience has taught us that laying of the utilities, for example, takes time.

User phase
There are six versions of our home available, all of which meet the residents’ requirements in terms of comfort as well as finish and appearance. They are in no way inferior to traditionally-built houses.

Disposal phase
If the homes become surplus to requirements or if market demand changes in such a way that the homes need to make way, then the Snel Home is more sustainable than a traditional building as more than 94% of the materials are recyclable. The entire home can be relocated allowing it to be used again in another location.

Our approach is new in the housing market. We give our well-known Hassle-Free Guarantee on our buildings, so our customers have complete peace of mind.

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